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King Saud University Rector Abdullah Al-Othman visited the University of Leeds' School of Education,  which is recognized as one of the best schools in UK for its research and teaching excellence. In terms of world leading research, this school  ranked in the top 5 in UK in 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. That’s why this school collaborates with research and teaching partners across the world.   The Rector's visit was a follow up to the visit to King Saud University made by Professor John T. Leach, a visiting professor of science education who is now at the University of Hull, earlier in the month, as a keynote speaker at a workshop entitled' 'Developing Science and Mathematics Education: Vision and International Partnership' .

At the end of very fruitful day of discussion, The KSU Rector and the Vice Chancellor signed one 'Service Contract' between King Saud and the University of Leeds as a whole, and another more specifically between King Saud and the School of Education. We hope that this meeting represents just the first stage in a long and wide ranging collaboration.