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As a part of King Saud University's International Expert Program, a lecture is being held tonight at 8 PM  entitled “the Quranic Script and the Art of Islamic Decoration”. The lecture will be given by Robert Hillenbrand, Professor of Islamic Art at the University of Edinburgh, where he is the Director of the Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World.  The lecture, which will take place in Hamad Al Jasser Hall, will include an overview of the Arabic script and its historical stages of development in the Holy Quran; in addition, Dr. Hillenbrand will the script's rules and artistic features over time.

The lecture will also illustrate the central role of the lexical item in the understanding of Islamic art and  showthe superiority of Islamic nations in the mastery of calligraphy.  Decorative Arabic script has been found on household items, such as ceramic plates and bronze and gold-plated censers, cloaks, pen cases, as well as buildings and mosques. It should go without saying that the brightest and most elegant of Arabic scripts have historically been reserved for copies of the Holy Quran.