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King Saud University has signed a service contract with Professor Finn Kydland, the Nobel Laureate in Economics for the year 2004. Professor Kydland is one of the world’s leading economists, and his decision to join the King Saud University faculty membership (as visiting professor) constitutes a unique asset in the bolstering of the University’s educational and research programs within the area of his specialization.
The terms of the contract, which was signed by His Excellency the University Rector Abdullah Al-Othman, and Professor Kydland, include the following:

• Attracting distinguished faculty members and scholars to carry out mutual research collaboration with the Department of Economics in the College of Business Administration at King Saud University
• Mutual research collaboration
• Upgrading the graduate studies program
• Giving specialized lectures at the Department of Economics
• Contributing to the workshops organized in the field
• Refereeing research work in the fields of Management and Economics to be published in the King Saud University Scientific Journal
• Providing advisory services with respect to study plans in the graduate studies program in order to promote its qualification standards
• Providing academic and scientific advisory services to the University and to the government and private sectors.

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