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Khaled AljammazThis week, King Abdullah Research Chair for Habitation Development (Architectural aspects) and the College of Architecture and Planning received  Professor Nohad Toulan, Dean Emeritus of the College of Urban and Public Affairs and professor of architectural planning studies at Portland State University, U.S.A.

During the meeting, Professor Toulan discussed with the Chair's Technical Commission members ways of mutual cooperation in the field of research.  Dr. Khaled Al-Jammaz, the Chair's Supervisor explained to the American guest the nature, goals, and application domains of the Chair, as well as ways to implement mutual cooperation. In return, Professor Toulan expressed a great interest and willingness to help. He also discussed with the Chair's committee members the possible fields of cooperation, and it was agreed that the committee would put forward a comprehensive strategy for the near future in order to put this cooperation into execution.