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The Saudi Association for Dentistry held a press conference on Monday 16 February 2009 under the presidency of Professor Yusuf bin Fuad Talik, the President of the Board of Directors of the Society, and in the presence of Dr. Hassan bin Suleiman Halwani, Secretary of the Board. Professor Talik reviewed the Board of Directors' strategies in its current session about community service and the activation of social responsibility, the most important achievements of the Society, and the international partnership between the Saudi Association for Dentistry and the International Federation of Dentistry (FDI) and UNILEVER.

In turn, Dr. Hassan bin Suleiman Halwani, Secretary of the Board of Directors and the Society's official spokesman, showed some statistics on caries among children, stating that over 90% of the Kingdom's children suffer from dental decay. He added that signing by the Society of the new partnership program (Live, Learn, Laugh) with UNILEVER and the International Federation of Dentistry (FDI) at the annual meeting of the International Federation of Dentistry held in Dubai, UAE, represents international partnership with the International Federation of Dentistry (FDI) as an internationally recognized scientific party in order to implement school programs aiming at improving children's dental health as well as consolidating awareness of dental health for all in the Saudi community and the Gulf region in general, with the program focusing on primary school students all over the Kingdom. Dr. Halwani also mentioned that His Excellency Professor Abdullah Al-Othman, King Saud University Rector, supports all the scientific societies at the University, and makes all of them compete for excellence, innovation, and international partnerships, which contributes in raising the standard of rendered services and in making King Saud University an outstanding university locally, regionally, and internationally. Among the activities of this program, a team of specialists in dental health visits each school three times to evaluate the health of the children's teeth, with subsequent visits consisting in curing their caries. Another activity of the program is to distribute instructive publications and symbolic gifts for children, parents, and educators.

Dr. Hassan Halwani demonstrated that the Society in its current session participated in many local and regional conferences, and organized a number of monthly scientific meetings (64) and more than 20 workshops across the Kingdom. These events have been attended by 2394 people and lasted for 658 hours according to the Saudi Agency for Medical Specializations. It is worth noting that the activities of the Saudi Society for Dentistry for 2008 (1429H) were held across the Kingdom, with 4 main bureaus, beside 15 branches and 12 scientific clubs for dental specializations. The members of the Society in 2008 counted about 3000.