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Manal Bukhari, member of the scientific team of Research Chair for Voice and Swallowing Diseases in King Saud University has succeeded in performing an operation of eradicating a large-volumed benign tumor from the upper part of the trachea of a Saudi patient. The operation done by a larynx endoscope as the patient suffered for several years from suffocation during sleep in addition to breathing difficulty with a change of the voice.

Thanks to Allah, the patient has now a normal voice and breathing. This tumor is considered one of the rare tumors that due to its large size may sometimes require the opening of the larynx from the outside to eradicate it. That is stated by Dr. Manal Bukhari a consultative otolaryngologist of larynx and vocal chords surgery, Assistant Professor of King Abdul Aziz University Hospital, King Saud University and a member of the scientific team of Research Chair for Voice and Swallowing Diseases who has performed this rare process which is considered the fifteenth case globally.