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Dr. Adel Almogren with Dr. Adel Al-Muqrin and colleagues from State University of Buffalo at New York describe their efforts to develop immunotherapy approach that enhances the immune response to a tumor associated antigen (known as TF- antigen).  The idea has been published in the Neoplasia, an international oncology research journal published by Nature Group, This novel active immunotherapy could decrease tumor burden in cancer patients by specifically targeting TF- antigen positive cancer cells and blocking metastasis. This new approach would block the tumor process and increase cancer survival rates. The Neoplasia, in which paper was, mentioned in a July issue of the national American daily, USA Today, which is the largest circulation in America,

Dr. Almogren is an Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine's Pathology Department at King Saud University. He earned his Ph.D. in immunology from the University of Dundee in Scotland, and has been serving on the faculty of KSU since 2003. His participation in this scientific breakthrough is indicative of the recent trend of rapid growth in innovation at KSU and throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The university has been extensively working on recruiting world-class researchers and ramping up its patenting and technology transfer activities.