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Members of King Saud University (KSU) Excellence Center for Science and Mathematics Education (ECSME) have recently returned from a four-day program in the United Kingdom, in cooperation with the University of Leeds' Center for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education (CSSME). The program took place November 16-20, 2009 at the University of Leeds and discussed contemporary methods of teaching and assessing science and mathematics education, as well as addressing misconceptions of various scientific concepts.

The program addressed modern trends in researching science and mathematics education, as explored a range of concepts used modern education and learning. Members of ECSME had the opportunity to visit a number of British classrooms in general and higher education to observe how these contemporary methods are being applied. The delegation also visited some agencies relevant to the development of science and mathematics education at the University of Leeds.

Dr. Ibraheem Al-Olayan, coordinator of events and community outreach unit at ECSME, and head of the delegation, explained that the delegation included ten faculty members from King Saud University's College of Science, Teachers College, College of Science in Al-Kharj and the College of Education. They met with a number of leading European researchers from the field of science and mathematics education in order to enrich their familiarity with educational research, to exchange knowledge and to build contacts within their educational fields. The program also included discussions regarding potential joint research projects between ECSME and CSSME.

The Director of the Excellence Center, Dr.Fahad Al-Shaya expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Higher Education for supporting the Excellence Center of Science and Mathematics Education and to the Rector of the University and the Vice Rector of the University for Graduate Studies and Research for their continued support of the Center.

In addition to the completed 2009 program, the ECSME has also organized a training program in science and mathematics education at the University of Leeds for February of 2010 for graduate students from various Saudi universities.