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The Excellence Center for Science and Mathematics Education (ECSME) has participated in events of the fifteenth annual meeting of the Saudi Society for Educational and Psychological Science under the title "Development of Education: Visions and Models, and Requirements", held at the King Fahad Cultural Center in Riyadh in the period 5-6/12/2009. ECSME was represented by Dr. Fahad Al-Shaya, the director of the center, who presented a paper entitled the Excellence Research Center of Science and Mathematics Education: Aspirations and Challenges.

The paper that presented in the second session of the first day of the meeting, reviewed ERCSME's experiences and accomplishments, and discussed the most greatest challenges that face the Center. Dr. Al-Shaya pointed out in the paper that the main challenges facing the Center are:

  • Creating measurable development in the fields of Science and Math education based on legitimate educational research;
  • planning an effective and efficient relationship between relevant authorities;
  • Forming local partnerships with integrated roles;
  • Developing "Science and Mathematics Education Standards " and "Standards for Programs that Prepare Teachers of Science and Mathematics".