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The Excellence Center for  Science and Mathematics Education (ECSME), King Saud University, has launched recently a three-day training program entitled "The Development of Creative Teaching Skills for Science Teachers".  The training program was held in the technology education management center in the educational services administration at the Royal Commission of Yanbu. The Program was  carried out by Dr Ahmad  Al-Hamaiel from  King Abdul-Aziz University. The program addressed a number of topics especially: creativity, innovative thinking stages, the contemporary sense of teaching, the criteria for choosing the educational tools, concepts and  terminology, types of skills, values and trends, and content analyzing methods.

A number of science teachers in the Royal Commission of Yanbu who participated in the program, assured that the program was useful contribution to the development of skills, and called for the expansion of such programs.

Dr. Fahad Al-Shaya, the director of the ECSME, said that the program comes under the center's plan to collaborate with different sectors of government in order to achieve community-based partnership. At the end of his statement, Dr. Al-Shaya expressed his thanks to the Ministry of Higher Education for funding the Center and to the administration of King Saud University for their encouragement and continuous support.