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On Tuesday, the board of directors of King Saud University's Excellence Center of Science and Mathematics Education (ECSME)  held their annual meeting. The assembly, chaired by His Excellency Prof. Ali Al-Ghamdi, Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Research, highlighted ECSME's achievements over the past 6 months, and approved its technical and financial semi-annual report for the period. The board considered recommendations presented by the international assessment team mandated by the Ministry of Higher Education, which visited the the ECSME quarters during the month of Octber, 2009.

ECSME Director, Dr. Fahad Al-Shaya, said that the board members are thankful for the Center's effort during the last year, and he said their aspirations and suggestions would be a key factor in the role of the Center's success in the coming New Year".

Members of the Board of Directors:

Prof. Ali Saeed Al-Ghamdi, Chairman
Dr. Waheed Ahmed Alhindi, Deputy Chairman
Dr. Fahad S. Al Shaya, Secretary

Prince Dr. Faisal Al-Mshari Al Saud, Member
Dr. Naif bin Hishal Al Rumi, Member
Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Othman, Member
Dr. Saleh Al-Abdalkarim, Member
Dr. Hisham Al-Hdlaq, Member
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Olayan, Member
Dr. Mohamed Al-Natheer, Member
Dr. Saud Al-Arifi, Member