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In the two-day Second Student Scientific Symposium, which took place in KSU a few weeks ago, several competitions were heatedly contested, with the male and female winners winning prizes totaling more than a million riyals. The award money is provided by KSU to encourage students to cultivate innovation, work hard and the exploration of the myriad venues of science and academics.

KSU Rector Dr. Abdullah Al-Othman honored the students of the Preparatory Year (PY) program, who took part in the Symposium competitions and produced impressive results in various categories. The success of so many young students, who are in their first year of university, is testament of the PY's mission to prepare students for a challenging and productive university experience.
Awards received were as follows:
  • First in Intellectual security research
  • First, second and third in education, literature and math
  • First and second in statistics research
  • Third in innovation and invention
  • First, second and third in production of documentary movies
  • First in drawing
  • First in caricature
  • First in the two sections of Arabic calligraphy
Rector Al-Othman addressed the students during the ceremony saying, “You are the true vanguard of the nation’s future in this age of knowledge, and serve as ideal role models for this generation. You have become leaders, and we consider you examples by which the knowledge society should be built. Your learned generation, equipped with distinguished skills is a source of genuine pride for your parents, to your fellow citizens and to us at King Saud University”. The Rector added that creativity, innovation and distinguished achievements have become hallmarks of higher-education in Saudi Arabia.

Award winning students included:
Manar Al-Zo’bi, Amer Al-Zo’bi, Abdullah Al-Thamaly, Omar Al-Koaid,  Hamad Al-Quait, Marwan Al-Jawfi, Abdullah Al-Hlali, Mashari Al-Ohali, Bayan Al-Adnan, Loujain A-lAqeel, Ashwaq Al-Saleel, Sarah Al-Mouhaisen, Mohammad Al-Ghamidi, Rakan Al-Nutaifi, Nasser Sufyani, Turki Al-Turki, Nauf Al Moslem, Amjad Al-Shaye’, Maha Al-Othman, Sarah Al-Raishan, Nourah Al-Raouji, Ala Al-Husseini, Al-Rabab Al-Shanqeeti, Noura Al-Ajlan, Raghad Al-Zahrani, Rawan Al-Shaalan, Ghazwa Al-Baqmi, Mouna Al-Outaibi, Nauf Al-Hussein, Munira Al-Jouaim, Sarah Al-Hamdi,  Amani Al-Amiri, Nauf Al-Arwan, Hanan Al-Otr, Fatima Al-Khalifa, Lamiya Al-Rukban, Hossa Al-Fawzan, Mashael Al-Sbayhein, Najla Al-Beiz, Samira Jaafar, Hossa Al-Anqari, Sarah Al-Fayez, Al-Honouf Al-Hayef, Noha Al-Sarhani, Mounira Al-Tarif, Layan Mohammad Hassanein.