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Naif Alanseri of the KSU Innovation CenterKing Saud University representatives recently attended the 10th Malaysian Technology Expo (MTE), which was held concurrently with the 10th Malaysia Invention and Innovation Awards ceremony that recognizes promising and ground-breaking research. Despite stiff international competition, KSU researchers won 23 prizes in various disciplines that included medicine, engineering, science and information technology.

KSU participants earned marked distinction at the event against a wide array of international talent present. Evaluated by a high-ranking and expert committee, this latest success in an international arena illustrates the formidable international competitiveness and skills of KSU’s researchers and leaders.

At the Invention and Innovation Awards ceremony, the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists (MARS) and the Professional Trade Exhibition and Meeting Planners (PROTEMP) to encourage, recognize and promote scientists and researchers of excellence in innovation.

KSU’s booth in the exhibition was named the best booth display, designed by a team from KSU’s Innovation Center and eloquently representing traditional Saudi hospitality and warmth.

Dr. Naif Alajlan of the Computer Engineering Department, received the Distinguished Innovation Award, while Doctors Saeed Al-Zahrani and Inas M. AlNashef of the College of Engineering received Best Innovation Awards.

KSU also received a number of other medals, with six gold medals going to:

  • Dr. Abdullah Al-Areefi from the College of Science;
  • Vice Dean of the College of Computer and Information Sciences AbdulMalik Al-Salman;
  • Doctors Saeed Al-Zahrani and Einas Al-Nashef of the College of Engineering;
  • Doctors Tarek Almusallam, Mohammad Iqbal Khan, Yousef Al-Zeghayer, Waheed Al-Masry and Fadi Tarabzouni of the College of Engineering;
  • Doctors Khaled Alghathbar and Muhammad Khurram Khan from the Center of Excellence in Information Assurance (CoEIA), along with lecturer Ahmad Talbah.

KSU also earned ten silver medals:

  • Dr.  Mohammed Bukhary from the College of Dentistry;
  • Doctors Ibrahim Al-Aseeri, Fars Alanazii and Gamal Mahrous from College of Pharmacy;
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Khazim  from the Baqshan Chair for Bee Research;
  • Professor Khalid Al-Rashid from College of Sciences;
  • Doctors Yakoub Bazi, Sayed Mohammad Ahmad and Dr. Haikel S. Hichri from the College of Computer and Information Sciences’ Advanced Lab for Intelligent Systems Research (ALISR);
  • Dr. Sofien Gannouni with KSU students Nasser Rayyes, Abudlmajid Ameer and Abdulrahman Al-Saudi  from the College of Computer and Information Sciences;
  • Doctors Saeed Al-Zahrani and Inas AlNashef from the College of Engineering;
  • Dr. Naif Alajlan, Director of ALISR & the KSU Innovation Center;
  • Dr. Khaled Alghathbar with lecturer Wajdi Issam  from CoEIA;
  • Dr. Ebtesam Al-Olayan, Assistant Head of the Zoology Department, and lecturer Rashid Al-Qareeni of the College of science;
  • Doctors Fars Kaed Alanazi and Ihab Mustafa from College of Pharmacy.

KSU earned four bronze medals, as well:

  • Doctors Hani Al-Ansari and Mazen Baibad from the College of Engineering,
  • Doctors Saeed Al-Zahrani and Einas Al-Nashef from College of Engineering
  • Dr. Naif Alajlan, Engineers Sayed Mohammad Ahmad and Mohamed Bencharif of the KSU’s Innovation Center
  • Student Oumayma Al-Ansari from the Preparatory Year (PY) College.

Much of the interest in the competition was due to the efforts of the Innovation Center, which actively encouraged members of the University community to enter the competition. Many competitive faculty and student projects were submitted to the Website, and the most promising projects were chosen to compete internationally according to defined criteria. Many of these projects, it should be noted, were presented in international competition for the first time.

The Malaysia Invention and Innovation Awards committee annually recognizes exemplary and outstanding inventions and innovations within a multitude of technology industries, and is committed to the promotion and commercialization of science and technology.

The event was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on February 17-19.