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Riyadh defeated Abha 2-0 to win the 1st Ramadan Elite Football Championship on August 10, a competition organized by King Saud University’s Deanship of Student Affairs for the benefit of the Orphan Care Charitable Foundation.

KSU’s participation in the benefit inspired the praise of the orphan foundation’s Director Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Rajih who said KSU’s commitment to the event provided the orphans tremendous joy and excitement. Dr. Tareq Al-Rayes is the Dean of the KSU’s Student Affairs Deanship.

The competition, launched on August 5, was conducted at a lofty level with the Riyadh Referee Committee appointing accredited officials. Nabil Naqshbandi, Nasser Al-Ahmad, Khaled Al Yousef, Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, and Nabil Al-Dabeis, members of the area’s sports media, reported the competition and spectators – in addition to orphans, foundation leaders, and KSU officials – included celebrities such as Majed Abdullah, the Saudi National Team’s all-time scorer, and actor Fayez Al-Maliki.

Dean Al-Rayes, describing the orphans as an endearing group, said KSU’s contributions extended beyond the University’s academic responsibilities into the realm of community service for the entire Kingdom.