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On Saturday, April 28,  the dean of the Olaysha Center for Girls, Dr. Nora Al-Shaikh, opened an exhibition called The Visiting Artist at the fine arts department.

The exhibition displayed an impressive number of porcelain pieces, and featured a workshop for Saudi female artists, which was conducted by artist Sundus Alibrahim. Ms. Alibrahim is an active member of international art communities and certified by International Porcelain Artists and Teachers (IPAT), an international nonprofit organization based in Texas.

IPAT is made up of more than 3,000 porcelain painters in approximately 50 countries around the globe, from beginning to advanced porcelain artists to career professionals. IPAT promotes the fine art of painting on porcelain through conventions and exhibitions around the world, workshops, evaluations, and an educational Certification Program to advance  artists’ knowledge and hone their painting skills.

Dr. Nora expressed how much she liked the beautiful works on display and emphasized the importance of exposing young Saudi artists to international and local creative spirits such as Sundus Al-Ibrahim.

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