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King Saud UniversityThe King Saud University Endowment, in cooperation with the Deanship of Development, KSU Endowment (Awqaf), recently held a workshop entitled “Strategic Planning for KSU Endowment”.

The workshop was held in the Endowment’s center on campus and was attended by Endowment staff members.

The workshop was presented by Dr. Jamaluddin Mohammad Kamaluddin, advisor from the Deanship of Development, and director of the relations programs in the Deanship of Mr. Saud bin Nadhad Al-Sahli. The workshop purpose was to introduce KSU’s Strategic Plan to Endowment staff members, explaining to them how it was prepared and citing its objectives and the means established to achieve the objectives.

The workshop’s intention was to identify the Endowment’s role in the Strategic Plan, with emphasis on plan’s seventh objective: “Sustainable Financial Future.”

Dr. Kamaluddin explained the virtues of the seventh objective and the means planned to implement it. He also described how staff would be trained to help fulfill the Endowment’s strategic plan.

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