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King Saud UniversityIn response to last October’s decision by Saudi Arabian Airlines to adopt Amadeus’ new passenger revenue accounting solution, King Saud University launched an Amadeus training course on Feb. 13.

The course will be administered by the Prince Sultan Bin Salman Tourism & Archaeology Chair in the department of tourism and antiquities.

The Amadeus Solution, a formula developed by the travel technology and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry, is expected to enhance the Saudi airline’s ambitious plans for growth and increase the need for highly-educated personnel.

The Amadeus Solution provides global distribution system solutions to maximize the value of travel agency distribution, enabling businesses to drive growth, open new revenue streams, increase efficiencies and make informed decisions.

It also provides IT solutions and services to address airlines' key operational requirements in sales, reservations and ticketing, inventory management, departure control, and e-commerce.

Amadeus was launched in 1987, and within seven years was associated with 100 international airline carriers, 47,500 travel agencies and 34,500 airline sales agencies.

By 2007, the company was managing approximately 2 million reservations daily.

According to the chair's supervisor, Said F. Al-Said, training sessions are conducted by experts in airline and transportation reservation programs from Amadeus Saudi Arabia Ltd.

The chair has targeted Level 8 students in administration, tourism and hotel management and will teach them how to operate reservation programs and prepare them for the labor market.

The director general of Saudi Arabian Airlines, Khalid Almolhem, said last October that the airline had committed to adopt the Amadeus passenger revenue accounting solution by early 2013.

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