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King Saud UniversityKing Saud University's College of Nursing has hosted a large contingent of dignitaries from university’s and governments across the Gulf as it marked Gulf Nursing Day on Sunday March 17.

In attendance were university professors and decision-makers in the field of nursing in Gulf countries, as well as academics and professionals who specialize in nursing in Riyadh.

Delegates also included the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC), Gulf Technical Committee for Nursing, which presented several lectures on achievements in the field of nursing in GCC countries.

Accompanying the event was an exhibition which included the latest developments in the field of nursing, technically and academically, which were well received by those who were interested  in careers in nursing.

As well as this exhibition companies, government bodies and educational institutions from the field of nursing had stands which highlighted their areas of interest in nursing such as at hospitals, associated faculties as well as supplies for the profession.

Assistant Professor at College of Nursing  Nazek Zakari, discussed how GCC countries improving the quality of their health sectors regarding the nursing profession.

Dr Zakari highlighted exchanges of skills and how discussing education outcomes and their concerns about improving the frameworks in the GCC countries had led to great improvements.

Dr. Khalid AlharbiThe Dean of the Nursing College at KSU, Dr. Khalid K. Alharbi, spoke about the achievements of KSU in the field of nursing from getting both bachelor and masters programs accredited to the establishment of an advisory council for the Nursing Faculty.

Dr Alharbi also cited the participation of the faculty in community service programs during the Hajj and Umrah season, and their organization of public health awareness programs.

Shortly after, the General Director of the Executive Office in the GCC’s Ministries of Health, Dr. Tawfik Ahmed Khoja, pointed out the essential role the profession of nursing plays.

Tawfik Ahmed KhojaDr. Khoja was keen to point out the very significant progress made by GCC countries in developing nursing education moving the profession from a charitable and volunteer activity to a career path.

Vice rector for health specializations, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Muammar, said events like this one sought to exchange skills and develop nursing as it was one of the most important health care sectors in the Gulf area.

Dr. Al-Muammar noted that KSU doesn’t spare any efforts in supporting events such as the meeting in the pursuit of scientific development and improving education in the university’s faculties and all the educational institutions, inside and outside of the Kingdom and the Gulf countries.

King Saud UniversityA few decisions relating to the operation of nursing programs at KSU were decided during the day by delegates such as the ensuring Gulf Nursing Day becomes an annual event sponsored by the Vice rector for medical specializations.

Outside of this it was decided male and female students from the College of Nursing and other GCC countries would participate to help spread professionalism within the profession and act as ambassadors.

An agreement was forged that the nursing program across GCC countries would be standardised allowing universities to include participants from others GCC countries easily.

At the end of his speech Dr. Al-Muammar thanked all delegates for their participation and their attendance as some had travelled far across the region to attend.

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