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KSU Rector Badran Al-OmarHaving generously sponsored the celebration of the Annual Day for Information Technology, organized by the Deanship of e-Transaction and Communications, the rector of King Saud University, Badran Al-Omar, said that IT and technology developments at KSU continue to push the university forward.

“Celebrations such as these are not strange or new for KSU. And everyone in the university, from faculty members to researchers and students, have shown excellence over the past few years in aspects related to technology." Rector Al-Omar said.

"There has been unprecedented support from the state, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince and Second Crown Prince - May Allah look after them - which has posed a great challenge and give us the responsibility to achieve greater accomplishments in the name of the university, and our precious homeland and beloved Saudi Kingdom.”

“I must point to the great deal of attention we receive from the state - May Allah watch over it - to ensure that the university is on the right track towards (the development of) technology. The university’s technological infrastructure testifies to what has been accomplished, which helps qualify us to join the global arena and keep up with the world and its tremendous (technological) development,” he added.

“The university will always stand behind every project and every desire to develop and modernize. On a personal level, I am fairly secure that the university will have an excellent technological future. And - God willing - everyone will see more achievements in the future and these achievements will add to the university’s pursuit of the ultimate goal, which is to enhance its capabilities in terms of education and research and in turn, enhance its outputs in the future. Especially since the state - May Allah watch over it - has made (and still is making) enormous efforts to achieve sustainable technological growth which would benefit us and achieve the desired future for the coming generations,” Rector Al-Omar concluded.

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