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As part of the recent Ramadan observances, more than 250 King Saud University students volunteered to provide an average of 20,000 Iftar meals a day to divers at traffic signals around Riyadh. The meal program was organised by the Student Partnership Program in collaboration with a Riyadh charity, with meal packs including dates, water, cakes or donuts, and juice. Abdul Majeed Marzouq, one of the volunteering students, said handing out meals was encouraging. “This the first year I joined my friends in voluntary work, and what encouraged me is seeing the fasters and their prayers for us.  That overwhelmed our hearts with joy which increases our enthusiasm to work in that field,” Marzouq said. Mohammed Al-Qahtani, another volunteer, said it was his second year, and that the work is aimed at encouraging and supporting those praying and fasting during Ramadan. Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdul Hakim Alasakr, the president of the Student Partnership Program, and vice president Abdel Meguid Ben Askar Anzi both said they appreciated the support the program received from the dean of Student Affairs, Fahad Hamad Al-Qurainy.

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