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ksu_logoA reference to the report published by Okaz newspaper in its edition (4617), issued on Thursday, 04/06/1435 corresponding to 06/02/2014 AD under the title: preventing an ambulance to enter King Saud University, results in the death of a female student.

At the outset, I would like to convey the condolences of the university to the student's family; may God have mercy on the deceased, and praying to God almighty to make high heaven her permanent place, and to give her family strength and inspire them patience.

The response to the contents of the news pointed out that the deceased student was suffering from heart problems since the age of four as reported by her father during the university Rector's visit to her family to offer condolences.  That day she experienced severe heart problems, which lead the students supervisor on duty to take the initiative to contact the inner clinic in the female campus at 12:15 pm., and at the exact time 12:20 pm, two nurses arrived on site followed immediately by a physician, who was involved in another case at another college, and after examining the student, they discovered that both the cardiac and pulmonary systems had stopped functioning.  Immediate attempts of resuscitation were made, while calling for the ambulance.

This was exactly at 12:35 pm.  At exactly 12:45 pm., the ambulance arrived on site and was giving access to enter the College of Arts, enabling the crew to initiate the case and continue the process of pulmonary and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  Then the student was carried into the ambulance to transport her to the Emergency at the University Hospital.  The ambulance pick up was at 1:00 pm, and arrived at the hospital at 1:10 pm.  The student was accompanied by an employee of the university clinic, and once they arrived, resuscitation attempts continued using the most advanced means until exactly 1:39 pm. without any response. It was decided then to stop attempts to resuscitate and declare her death. The University publishes this response to confirm its full commitment to provide every single student with the best health care to save their lives and ensure their safety pledging to do the utmost.

King Saud University Spokesman