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Engg. Syed Hammad Mian lectured on efficient measurement on Coordinate measuring machines at Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI), King Saud University on 2nd December 2014,

Engg. Mian described techniques to achieve efficient measurement on coordinate measuring machines. He presented techniques for set up planning and achieving appropriate measurement path.

In addition, Engg. Mian informed, inspection has been of utmost importance in manufacturing industries and it is carried out to ensure quality of part. As requirement for product accuracy increases, effective inspection planning and execution becomes indispensable to meet complex requirements. Nevertheless, use of coordinate measuring machine (CMM) has relieved this task to a greater extent.

Further, Engg. Mian  said, owing to its high accuracy and precision, CMMs has attracted wide spread applications in industrial environment. However, efficient and economical operation of CMMs requires detailed investigation. Since, they require huge capital investment therefore their proper utilization has been primary concern in industries. CMM performance can be improved with suitable measurement strategy, therefore it is worth to outline techniques to ensure efficient CMM measurement.

The lecture was attended by students, researchers and faculties.

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