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Director of Obesity Research Center (ORC) Assim A. Alfadda and Dr. Amr S. Moustafa conducted a study entitled, “A Saudi comprehensive research center for obesity: Experiences from the first 4 years” in Innovation: management, policy and practice journal.

Drs. Alfadda and Moustafa presented in their study about full details the different phases of the foundation and establishment of the ORC, several quality assurance measures, and tools for troubleshooting the problems we faced. Authors highlighted at the end of the paper their achievements relative to the ORC’s strategic objectives and key performance indicators. Authors believed that this article on the successful establishment of a research center dedicated for the study of obesity would provide a practical model for the foundation of similar comprehensive centers in other countries.

Further, Drs. Alfadda and Moustafa stated the prevalence rate of obesity is alarmingly increasing worldwide. Obesity/overweight affects ~40-45% of adult Saudis. The health burden of obesity and its related disorders is challenging. Evidence-based prevention and treatment plans should be implemented to protect our community against these devastating diseases.

In addition, Drs. Alfadda and Moustafa also informed about ORC that they established ORC at KSU, with the support of National Plan for Science and Technology (NPST), the first national and comprehensive center to study the complex problem of obesity. In accordance with the recommendations of the Science and Technology National Policy (STNP) in Saudi Arabia for the establishment of knowledge-based economy and for technology transfer especially in the medical field.

Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice (ISSN 1447-9338) is an international peer-reviewed journal, with a scope that encompasses innovation research, policy analysis and best practice in public and private sector service organizations.

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