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Advanced Manufacturing Institute, King Saud University organized a lecture entitled “Electric Discharge Machining of Hard-to-Cut Materials” presented by Dr. Jaber Abu Qudeiri. The presentation was attended by a group of professors, researchers and students at the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering College.
Dr. Abu Qudeiri introduced at the beginning of the presentation an explanation of the different types of EDM process in addition to the control and performance parameters of the process. Moreover, he reviewed previous studies regarding the machining of different grades of stainless steel on the EDM process. Many objective functions were considered in EDM processes of stainless steel in the previous studies such as effect of the process parameters on the performance parameters, electrode shape and movement, hybrid processes, effect of the EDM process on the stainless steel properties and machined surface, dielectric fluid research, and many other objective functions.
At the end of presentation, many questions on the topic of the presentation were discussed.