The Managing Director announces the approval of PSATRI's legal entity

Thursday 1437/08/18 on 2016/05/26

The Managing Director of PSATRI announced the approval of the new legal entity issued on Monday, 16 Sha'ban 1437H, corresponding 23 May 2016. Here is the message the Managing Director conveyed to the PSATRI staff during a small party:

Dear PSATRI Staff,
With great pride and honor I congratulate you for the sincere trust that the senior leadership of our country has granted you by approving the new legal entity "Prince Sultan Center for Defense Studies and Research" under the governance of a high-level board chaired by His Royal Highness Deputy Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. This great honor became possible firstly due to Allah's blessing and Support, and secondly through your hard work and dedication. Now the responsibility is greater and our duties are critical for making Saudi Arabia an industrial leader in defense and security technology. I encourage you to continue your creativity and innovation through which we will grow strategic offerings for our local industry. I ask Allah to help us and Guide us to achieve our duties with dedication and total commitment to the security of our great country.

Sami Mohammed Alhumaidi
Managing Director


PSATRI Celebrates Royal Decree - Photo 1


PSATRI Celebrates Royal Decree - Photo 2


PSATRI Celebrates Royal Decree - Photo 3


PSATRI Celebrates Royal Decree - Photo 4


PSATRI Celebrates Royal Decree - Photo 5


PSATRI Celebrates Royal Decree - Photo 6