HE Dr. Niav Al-Jabri, Vice Minister of Education has hosted a delegation of the Educational Center for Professional Development, headed by Dr. Mohammed Al-Natheer, Director of the Center, and accompanied by Dr. Nasser Al-Alwan, Assistant Director of Operations, Eng. Sayed Saadeldeen, Director of Information Technology Unit, and Mr. Adib Al-Subai, Director of Entrepreneurship Unit.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Mohammed Al-Sedairy, General Director of Training and Scholarships at the Ministry of Education. Dr. Al-Natheer gave a brief overview of the Center explaining its role as a leading expertise house for educational and professional development locally and regionally. He also pointed out ECPD’s contribution to improving the performance of more than 700,000 educational practitioners through creating partnerships and cooperation contracts with specialized firms and other relevant sectors. He added that ECPD provides educational, academic and research consultation and also participates in projects that serve the education sector in general and educational leaders in particular. Finally, he showed his willingness to cooperate with the Education Agency in order to meet the needs of the educational sector through the implementation of a number of projects, programs and activities that reflect the policies, visions and future directions of the Ministry of Education.

For his part, HE Dr. Niav Al-Jabri praised the Center and expressed his desire to take advantage of such a leading expertise house for educational and professional development. He along with Dr. Al-Sedairy agreed to hold joint meetings between the Center and the Ministry to decide on projects and programs that can be carried out cooperatively.