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A delegation from the Faculty of Science at King Saud University, represented by the Head of the Mathematics Department, faculty members and administrative staff, visited the University's Endowments on Wednesday 2/6/1438 AH at 10:00 a.m. The delegation was briefed on the successful experience of King Saud University in establishing an educational endowment, and the endowment towers project. Dr. Badr Saad Alkahtani, Head of the Mathematics Department, expressed his delight and admiration for the establishment of this educational endowment and for the endowments’ strategic vision in relying on its own investments through productive channels and long-term sustainable incomes. Dr. Alkahtani said that the distinguished work done by the University is a model not only for the local universities but for the various regional establishments and institutions concerned with providing sustainable financial resources to maintain the quality and continuity of their services to the community. The delegation was also briefed on the nineteenth report on the progress and timetable of the University Endowments, and the investment policies for endowments in the international universities. At the end of the visit, the Secretary General of the University Endowment thanked the delegation for their visit.