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     On the 1st of Sep 2019, the Female Students Campus held the Orientation week to facilitate the transition of the first-year students into the academic community. This program aims to provide students with information about academic policies, procedures, services, and requirements.

     The Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs, Prof. Ghada Bin Saif, the Dean of Humanities Departments, Dr. Guzayel Al-Eisa, and the Dean of  Science and Medical Studies Departments, Dr. Maysaa’ Mohamed Al Qurashi, toured several colleges to assess their readiness for the new academic year and student registration. The tour started from the College of Languages and Translation (COLT) introduced students to the college and distributed brochures among new students and promotes the college's clubs (Translation Club, French Club, and Cultural Club).

     On the other hand, the College of Arts, distributed scheduling- modification forms as well as pamphlets familiarizing the students with all campus facilities.

     Moreover, the College of Education set up Registrations booth, academic guidance booth and "Nafethaty" office in the college hall to familiarize the students with the skills record, academic transcript, and their rights and responsibilities. The tour also included a visit to the Special Needs Center.

     In addition, the College of Tourism and Archeology prepared a mobile library among the colleges to introduce their activities and enriches students’ information on their Saudi heritage.

     The tour continued with a visit to the College of Law and Political Science and College of Business Administration.  During the tour, the Academic Guidance Unit distributed a guide-handbook in both English and Arabic which includes all the information related to academic issues. Most of the CBA clubs including the Accounting club, HR Management, and Financial Management Student Clubs participated to provide information about their mission and activities.

     The Social and cultural club at the College of Pharmacy welcomed the students with banners, providing them with the necessary academic information; such as websites that include units, regulation, clubs, and academic material, which was displayed as barcodes for easy access.

     The College of Dentistry, College of Applied Medical Sciences, College of Nursing, College of Sciences and College of Computer Science and Technology) introduced new students to SMR e-service (Schedule Modification Requests E-service) that enables them to modify their schedules online to save their time.  The Academic and Student Affairs Administration represented by Student Support Unit participated to promote their services that include providing transportation for practical training and field trips.            

     In the College of Medicine, the students were introduced to the medical labs and Academic Guidance Department, which supports the success of the teaching mission and encourages the communication between the student and the advisor to help the student achieve her personal and professional goals.