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On Tuesday 10th Sep, 2019, the Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs Dr. Ghada Abdul-Aziz Bin Saif patronized the launch ceremony of “Research Assistant Internship Program".

During the ceremony, Vice Deanship of Scientific Research for Females' Sections Dr. Abeer AbdulMoati Al-Masri (Head of the Research Assistant Internship Program) stated that this Initiative aims to prepare a generation of new researchers. A presentation of the programs offered by the deanship was made during the ceremony, Followed by the terms, conditions and benefits of each program.

In addition, Dr. Al-Masri pointed out the high number of applicants from different academic majors, who reached 295 applicants, and 109 were accepted as a research assistant.

At the end of the ceremony, the website of the "Research Assistant Internship Program" was launched. The organizers and participants were honored. Among them were:  Medication Safety Research Chair, Dental Bio-materials Research Chair, chair of Biomarkers of Chronic Diseases, and researches.

It’s noteworthy that the attendees included faculty, students, and participants.