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     On Tuesday 18th of September 2019, the Deanship of Female Student Affairs in Female Students Campus held the annual orientation program to introduce the students to all the services and activities offered by the deanship. The event began with the opening from the Vice-Dean of Female Student Affairs Deanship Dr. Roa'a Al-Qufaidi and was attended by Vice-Rector's Assistant for Academic Affairs Dr. May Al-Moa'mmar and the Vice-Dean for Development and Quality Deanship Dr. Dara Al-Disi and several college Vice-Deans.

     The three-day program witnessed the participation of all the students' clubs, Deanship of E-Transaction and Communications, Deanship of Development and Quality and the campus medical clinic.

     Moreover, the new students attended daily motivational sessions by certified trainers addressing students' social and emotional needs.