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In the presence of Prof. Badran Alomar, KSU Rector and Head of General Secretariat of University Endowments, and Dr. AbdulRahman Aljadhai , Elm Chief Executive Officer , KSU Endowments and Elm Information Security Company have signed a lease agreement for building 13 to be used for “digitizing real estate wealth” project , one of the strategic projects of the Ministry of Justice. The 7-floor building located on the east side of the complex near the south entrance (Book Gate) with a total area of 22,732 M2. The building consists of a 3-floor parking lot, main entrance hall, and offices of different sizes.

This agreement is consistence with achieving King Saud University strategic plans. Therefore, the University endowments were established to build an educational endowment model to enhances the KSU role in; serving the community, supporting activities that transfer the university to the globe, enhancing research and education development efforts, supporting university hospitals, health research and conducting beneficial research for humanity. Other objectives in line with the goals and strategic directions of Vision 2030 and the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Education National Transformation Program2020.

KSU has signed several agreements during the past few years to lease several endowments towers to public and private sectors. These towers have an excellent infrastructure and are easily accessed as they located in strategic places in Riyadh.