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 The Student’s Center for Guidance and Counseling organized the forum of psychological and social services entitled (Zawaia Sukon), The Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs Dr. Ghadah bin Saif honored the gathering with her presence, the forum was held in the central foyer on 3/11/2019 for 5 days. The Chairwoman of the Awareness Programs Unit MS. Ghadah Al-Ghamdi talked about the importance of spreading the awareness of psychological and social problems and developing methods for psychotherapy and social services.

The forum aims to raise awareness and educate people in both psychological and social aspects, the forum highlighted its most important services. Moreover, the participated faculty members provided psychological and social consultations to help individuals to overcome their problems, life pressure and to improve their characters and psychological health. A number of entities and units inside and outside the university participated in the forum. The forum targeted the specialist and the people interested in the psychological and social field.

 The forum organized a competition for the best tweet, drawing, and photographers, the competition results will be announced on the Center website. In addition, the forum was companied by different activities such as training courses and interactive discussion panels.

KSU believes in the importance of guidance and counseling, it has an essential role in improving and enhancing individuals’ national identity. Furthermore, it enhances personal and psychological characteristics.