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The Advisory Board of the Department of Computer Science met last Monday 16/1/2023 AD.

This meeting aimed to welcome the External Advisory Board members, overview and discuss the elements of the Bsc. in Computer Science (CSC) program in addition to its accreditation status. In particular, it is intended to review and renew the approval of the program mission, program educational objectives, and the 3-terms study plan.

The chair, Dr. Saad AlAhmadi, welcomed and introduced the External Advisory Board (EAB) members. He also stressed the importance of the EAB in maintaining high quality standards of education, research and community service activities in all programs of the department of Computer Science at King Saud University.

An introductory overview on the Computer Science (CSC) department was given to the audience. In particular, the offered programs along with statistics on faculty members and CSC students were depicted and discussed. The presentation outlined the main international (ABET) and national (NCAAA) accreditations achievements and milestones for CSC Bsc. program. In particular, the mission, educational objectives and learning outcomes in addition to the study plan of Bsc. in CSC program were detailed and reviewed by the board members.