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On Tuesday, a workshop is to be hosted by King Saud University's Kayyali Chair for Pharmaceutical Industry. The workshop, entitled "Concepts and Methods in the Technology of Tablet Pressing," will be held in the Riyadh Sheraton Hotel's Prince Salman room under the patronage of KSU Rector Abdullah Al-Othman.

The activities of the workshop will include a number of specialized scientific lectures in the area of pharmaceutical research, presented by various prominent researchers and experts, including Professor Adel Saqr, Chair of the Department of Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Pharmaceuticals at the University of Cincinnati, and distinguished KSU faculty from the College of Pharmacy's Department of Pharmaceuticals. The lectures will deal with modern technology being developed for the manufacturing of tablets, regarding the production of medicine in the Kingdom. Dr. Fars Alanazi, Director of the Dr. Walid Kayyali Chair for Pharmaceutical Industry and Chair of the Department of Pharmaceuticals, stated that the workshop was a means of developing a practical scientific vision in the area of pharmaceutical technologies such as medical compositions, developing techniques of analysis, studying new pharmaceutical technology and offering consultancy in research, criteria for medicine production and quality control.