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On behalf of the University Rector for Branches Affairs, the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Program Committee for Distinguished Research Grants held a meeting last Wednesday, February 27, 2008 with the female researchers in the office of the KSU Zoology Department's deputy chairman, located on the first floor of building number 20.  The meeting was presided by Dr. Ibtisam Al-Olayan.

Welcoming the researchers and introducing them to the committee and to the nature of its task, the Program Supervisor encouraged them to take the opportunity of their being at King Saud University to maximize their learning endeavors and to seek to publish their research in refereed scientific journals.  The researchers were then given a chance to raise certain questions and make some observations. In the meantime, they were handed a questionnaire on the following:

  • Researchers’ personal information;
  • Views regarding university housing and their work and scientific research environment;
  • Suggestions and recommendations.