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Dr. Alokail of the King Saud University Biochemistry DepartmentOne more accomplishment is to be added to the list of the scientific achievements in the name of Saudi Arabia, as a King Saud University faculty member, Dr. Majed Alokail, Associate Professor of the Department of Biochemistry. A member of the Special Research Group on Diabetes and Endocrine Glands, Dr. Alokail presented his latest research findings at an international conference hosted by the American Association for Cancer Research and held in Jordan from March 16th to 19th by the  under the title, Advanced Research Methods for Cancer: from the Lab to the Clinic. Dr. Alokail's research paper titled The Use of Natural Compounds in the Obliteration of Cancer Genes in Breast Cancer Cells earned him the AVON Breast Cancer Foundation Award

Dr. Majed Al Okail has co-authored (along with several European and American Molecular Cancer specialists) a book titled The Pathological Function of the Peptide-like Parathyroid Hormone. The book was released in December of 2007 by the Novo Publishing Company in New York.