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A delegation from King Saud University representing the Riyadh Technology Valley (RTV) , including Doctors Ahmed Abdullah Bakarman, Mezyad Alterkawi, Ali Al- Dosari, Thamer Al-Dhuribi, Khaled Al-Blaihed and Rashed Al-Quraaini is scheduled to take part in the Fifth Conference of the World Technology Organization. This conference is considered as the first international start-up of the program, gathering international research centers in the United Arab Emirates.

This conference comes within an economy market of the Arabian Gulf states which exceeds a trillion dollars, and whereby the Gulf states compete to establish groupings to stimulate the scientific research in order to achieve a commercial strategy that concentrates on the industrial activities needed in the region, the most important of which being those related to water, energy, and technology. The conference is organized by the World Technology Organization based in Korea, and the Garden of Sciences in Dubai, under the theme "Technology for the Steady Development", and is intended to deal with the stimulation methods in creativity and investment.