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The College of Computer and Information Science's Second National Symposium on Information Technology held a press conference today this morning at King Saud University. It precedes next week's Symposium activities, which is being titled Informational Investment and Economy: Challenges and Solutions. Speeches at the press conference will be delivered by Dr. Sami S. Al-Wakeel, Dean of College and the symposium's general supervisor, as well as various members of the organizing committee regarding a number of upcoming topics, which the symposium will tackle. The importance of holding such a symposium is  significant considering the rapid  scientific and economic progress in the world today, especially in the field of information technology (IT).

The subject of the solutions will be discussed in the symposium to narrow the present gaps between the developed world and Arab world in information economics and investment in order to contribute in the development and progress of Arab societies in the fields of science, economy and social affairs. This is besides to reviewing the symposium main topics and scientific papers which have been presented by a number of interested researchers so far. Moreover, a number of engineering and scientific training courses will be announced in which a number of teaching staff are lecturing at the Faculty of computer sciences and information and professors from other international university before the launching of the symposium in order to raise information awareness standards and to contribute in achieving the main objectives of the symposium.

It is worth noting that a number of scientists and distinguished experts will take part in the symposium from the kingdom and abroad in addition to the managers of computers departments and information centers in governmental and private sectors as well as executive managers and decision makers for both the private and public sectors in the information field. This is besides teaching staff members and researchers at universities, colleges, and institutes from inside and outside the kingdom in addition to officials in IT technology, communication, and information planning.

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