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Childhood and Adolescence Obesity Research Chair, King Saud University sought to participate in the 3rd Arab ISPCAN Regional Conference for the Protection Children held under the auspices of King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz for four days in the Intercontinental Hotel. This conference is organized by the "National Family Safety Program" (NFSP) in Riyadh, with the participation of more than 20 Arab delegations interested in childhood issues in the Arab countries. According to Dr. Aayed R. Al-Qahtani, the supervisor of the chair, some families unintentionally contribute to slowly killing of their children, where obesity causes the loss of 20 years of the child age due to premature death. Based on recent studies, obesity is probably the cause of tumours in many cases; it is also a cause to sudden death due to respiratory failure during sleep, in addition to mental disorders, depression and lack of self-satisfaction and school absenteeism. These factors can be prevented by healthy eating, sports and avoiding fast food meals which have no nutritional value. Some families force their children to overeat more than their nutritional needs. Because lethal obesity is a harm that requires protection of the child, the custody of some children in developed countries has been denied some families that did not contribute to the protection of their children against this deadly obesity and did not perceive its threat to their future. We are slowly killing our children and it is time to be effective in protecting our children from the risks of obesity. We know that "Prevention is better than Cure".