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King Saud University's Global Scientific Council for Nanotechnology met with Saudi Arabian King Abdullah on Saturday, with Professor Hanch: Your interest in education and scientists enhances your effective human rule in world dialogue in a meeting of a large meaning and at a time where the state-May Allah protects it-moves towards promoting education and scientists.

Directly after the first meeting of the world scientific Council of King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology at King Saud University late last week, the King convened with Minister of Higher education , Dr. Khalid Al-Angari, King Saud University Rector Abdullah Al-Othman and the members of the World Scientific Council Institute at his residence headquarters in Riyadh. There, council members shook hands with the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, and the Institute's president, 2005 Nobel Prize and King Faisal’s World Prize recipient Professor Theodor W. Hänsch delivered a speech before the monarch expressing his utmost pleasure for this occasion saying, ”It is my pleasure and honor to talk on behalf of the World Scientific Council before a personage who holds a message of peace for the world: the message of love and fraternity of human beings. It is my pleasure to talk before a character that respects science and research and encourages scientists to strive for distinction and creativity.

So, your considerable initiatives envisage an ambitious vision at this direction. In addition, your program for scholarships abroad is not merely a program but can also be described as the global university of King Abdullah for scholarships abroad where your sons and daughters study at distinctive and high quality universities that spread all over the world.

Furthermore, your establishment of the University of King Abdullah for sciences and Technology which is a model pattern for dialogue and peace, This is besides the inauguration of a number of universities and colleges in all parts of the Kingdom and lately your setting up of the core stone for a number of strategic projects at King Saud University the value of which has exceeded 14 billion Riyals such as: a university city for female students with the most modern world specifications.

This, however, is a clear evident of your great interest and personal concern in higher education and research.

So, in this concern you see a path for development and progress and these efforts have enabled you to occupy a noble worldwide position in respect of scientific and research centers similar to your prominent worldwide political position

This is because your interest in education and teaching enhances your effective human role in world dialogue. Moreover, we highly look at the bulky development activation in university education sector in the Kingdom in general as well as the activities of King Saud University in particular. Hanch added:”on behalf of me and my colleagues at the world scientific council we would like to express our appreciation to you for you approval of establishing King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology at King Saud University. This pioneering university occupies an advanced position among other pioneering universities in the world.

This also confirms your vision towards the importance of applying advanced technology and the reason of science for promoting your country and for the good of your nation. Upon our investigation at this stage of the programs of this institute and its achievements besides its future plans we have become confident that it will occupy a high world scientific position in the near future. In addition the productivity of this institute will not be confined only in King Saud University and your country but will also participate in serving humanity. Thus, its interest fields and applied research programs touch man in this world which will enhance the position of your country in respect to science and technology. Hanch proceeded saying that the high scientific council of King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology integrates two features .

The first is individuals’ distinction and second is states distinction to which those individuals belong.
Therefore, its members are winners of pioneering world prizes such as Noble Prize and King Faisal World prize and others. They also belong to states of pioneering experiences in the field of Nano research and its applications. This council’s first meeting was today’s morning.

The most issue brought on the table was basic operational budget for this institute during the three coming years which is based on experiments and successful practices in our states. This in besides the strategic research directions of the institute which serve your national economy in order to be competitive in the economics of the twenty first century based on knowledge and which is also considered a project to guarantee the stability of financial resources for the institute. We recommended the establishment of a world prize that holds your honorable name for estimating your great interest for this modern technology which has a large international economic outcome. Professor Hansch indicated that the institute will make the character of King Abdullah a one with presence in all international gatherings in regard of the era technology.

This will under your special direct interest will achieve a support for the institute especially at the time when the costs of this technology have become so high. However its investment returns will be doubled and it will be an important central point in a new world economy based on knowledge. Still the expected volume of the institutes sales resulting from this technology is expected to be three thousand billion dollars in 2015. The portion of each state in this new economy will be based on its shares.

At the end of his speech Professor Hänsch said that we would like again to express our pleasure and happiness that we work in a pioneering university that enjoys a prominent international reputation which is the University of King Saud that has become famous in worldwide scientific gatherings as a rare and distinguished body. "Therefore," he said, "We expect that this university will gain marvelous scientific achievements that will be registered in International Institutions in the name of your country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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