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Third International Conference of Orthopedic Surgery was opened by His Excellency Rector of King Saud University Abdullah  Al-Othman, on Tuesday 20th March, the international meeting of Orthopedic Surgeons during the Third International Conference of Orthopedic Surgery, organized by the Department of Orthopedic Surgery in the main Hall of Medicine College and King Khalid University Hospital.

The ceremony started with verses from the Holy Quran followed by a speech of the conference chairman, Head of Orthopedic Surgery and Associate Professor Dr. Fawzi Aljassir who welcomed through his speech the guests of the conference and thanked them for their cooperation in the success of these events. He also added that the work of the conference is attended by a group of university professors from the United States, Europe, and Canada. The most prominent of participants is Dr. Robert Torect, Head of Orthopedics in the College of Medicine at the University of Michigan - Montreal, Canada, Dr. Franklin Selim, Head of surgery of bone tumors in Mayo Clinic hospital - Rochester, United States, and Dr. Donald Johnson, an expert of a knee injury from Ottawa, Canada. The conference will discuss several topics; the most important ones are sports injuries, speculum surgery, broken bones and their treatment and surgery of bone tumors. Dr. Aljassir confirmed that holding such international conferences is a true reflection of the medical progress witnessed by the Kingdom which is also a confirmation of the medical status of the Saudi doctor who has become a real competitor in all areas of surgery bone. Photo: chancellor opens the exhibition

It was stated that many interested people and specialists in orthopedic surgery are all keen to ensure that attendance and participation in conferences held in the Kingdom, especially in the King Saud University, represented by the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, College of Medicine. Thus, it has given a clear indication of the International status of the University and the extent to which the Saudi physician has a universal reputation. Then, the Head of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, Dr. Munir Saad Eddin, pointed out through his speech that there will be a discussion of several topics relating to the field of orthopedic surgery by the time of this conference, that the selected issues actually focus on all the new and evolving on orthopedic surgery, and that the names have been invited have already their own global scientific status who would absolutely add and give the best they have. Next, the Dean of the College of Medicine and the supervisor of the university hospitals, Dr. Mussaad Al-Salman gave a speech welcoming guests to the conference from within and outside the Kingdom, praised the outstanding role of the orthopedic surgery department at the college and wished the participants and attendants every success.

Following that, His Excellency the Rector, Professor, Dr. Abdullah Al-Othman said that there is not a week that does not have an occasion and more; last week there were two very important conferences which are the Surgery Conference and Student Conference on Profession Day. Today, there are also two. There's no doubt that this is an indication of the long history of this faculty and of this university hospitals, which is considered as a principal basis in the past, present and future of this university, wishing for it to be a global prominent center of excellence. He added that the College of Medicine and the university hospitals live a new development stage and this development stage includes all elements.
Photo: part of the audience
If we take, for example, the strategic facilities today which represent medical projects approximately 20-25% of projects at the university in spite of their various large number. If King Saud University, this year, accounted for the lion's share of the projects earmarked for higher education, the College of Medicine and the university hospitals also accounted for a very important share in both the projects or even in university endowments.

Nowadays endowments are addressed mainly to serve the university hospitals in order to achieve actually the lead aimed by the university. Such activities and conferences promote the relationship between the College of Medicine and the prestigious global universities in various countries. Today, these experts and participants in this conference are the interpretation of this vision but ambition must always be larger. In the conclusion, His Excellency thanked the organizing committee, attendance and wished the participants success.

Then a commemorative shield was presented to His Excellency, the Chancellor and to the Dean of the College of Medicine. Then the exhibition was opened by His Excellency the Director who was briefed on its contents to continue the scientific activities.