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King Saud University announced the joining of the Indian Professor Sarya Pander Anga Vidysagar (Vidyasagar, PSPV) will serve as a Professor of the Red Palm Weevil Research Chair. This was stated by the Supervisor of the chair, Dr. Saleh Aldosari, adding that Dr. Vidysagar is one of the notable scientists in many areas including the red palm weevil research, whereas he has published more than 77 research, including 15 research in the field of red palm weevil, and has also worked in Saudi Arabia as a research team leader to work at the Ministry of Agriculture in order to develop an integrated management program of the red palm weevil. He also worked as an agrarian expert in a number of countries in the world to solve some of the problems related to agricultural pests.

Dr. Aldosari pointed out that the head-office of the research chair was determined at the Department of Plant Protection in the College of Food and Agriculture Sciences, and that it will be announced soon on the date of the workshop and the launch of the first chair in the coming weeks.