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King Fahad Center for Heart Diseases and Heart Surgery, King Saud University is the first center in the Kingdom to use the technique of the beating heart surgery in the open-heart operations. For more than 12 years, the Center has conducted with great success about four thousand surgeries using this modern technique which has now become one of the basic techniques in the treatment of clogged heart arteries for those who are not fit for the routine open-heart operations and in which the heart muscle will be stopped and replaced with an artificial heart system. The beating heart surgery has proved its superiority in these cases which contributed significantly to improving the outcome of such complex cases.

The leading role of the Center in the Middle East in this type of open-heart surgery has qualified it to be a reference in such operations in the whole region, and was selected by several international companies to be their training center for this type of operations in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, and therefore the center trains surgeons either in the Center or these companies Centers or in the countries which has not got this type of surgery.

A number of surgeons working in Europe and Arab countries were invited for participation with the surgeons of the Center to make 6 beating heart operations in two days and broadcast them directly to the main conference hall of the college where audience could view the details of the operations processes directly while it was possible to ask the surgical group in live discussion. Many researches and specialized papers will also be presented on this type of operations and results of operations compared with normal open-heart operations and introduce the medical public with patients who are expected to benefit from this type of open-heart surgery. The later part of the discussions will discuss the future vision of open-heart surgery to treat clogged arteries.

Conference guests from outside the Kingdom:

1. Professor Dr. Antonio Kalivuori

2. Professor Dr. Dodaih de Canbet

3. Professor Dr. Jian Angelini

4. Professor Dr. Jean-Luc Jensen

5. Professor Dr. Helmi Tariq

6. Professor Dr. Yahya Balba

7. Professor Dr. Gamal Sami

8. Professor Dr. Adel Al-Banna

9. Dr. Andjum Jalal

10. Professor Dr. Mohamed Nassr

11. Professor Dr. Ahmed Shawki

12 Dr. Imad Mansour

13. Dr. Ahmad Abulazm

14. Professor Dr. Majdi Juma'ah

15. Professor Dr. Majdi Mustafa

16. Professor Dr. Sayed Akl

17. Professor Dr. Mohamed AL Faqi

18. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz

19. Professor Dr. Mamdouh Sha'rawi

20. Professor Dr. Samir Kishk

21. Professor Dr. Ibrahim Alkhuddragi

22. Professor Dr. Ahmed Saleh

23. Professor Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Agha

24. Professor Dr. Fawziyyah Abul Futouh

25. Dr. Riyadh Tarazi

26. Dr. Zaid Eraikat

Operations Surgeons are :

1. Antonio Kalvuori

2. Tariq Helmi

3. Gianni Angelini

4. Mohamed Fouda

5. Doudaih Dokaneh

6. Jean-Luc