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During his recent visit to King Saud University, Professor Gunter Blobel the Nobel Prize Laureate in Medicine 1999, paid a visit to the University's College of Science. He was welcomed by Dean Awad Al-Juhany, and the Chairman of Zoology Department Professor Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hazza, Dr. Ashraf Ahmed, member of attracting Nobel Scientists Program, Dr. Jamal Badr, faculty member, Department of Zoology. Dr. Blobel was briefed on different disciplines at the Department of Zoology and the laboratory for serving the teaching process and scientific research. During the visit, Professor Blobel stressed the need to give proper attention to providing the appropriate atmosphere to graduate students and researchers and also the importance of attracting outstanding scientists from various disciplines. As an adviser to the University, he expressed willingness to assist researchers in all matters relating to scientific research.

Following this, Professor Blobel visited the College laboratories where he visited Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Khedairi laboratory in the Department of Zoology to acquaint himself with new technologies used and available at the laboratory, and the tests conducted and the results that have been reached. The Professor  also visited Dr. Khalid Al-Rashid laboratory and met  him and discussed matters of scientific research in the various disciplines.

He also visited Dr. Faisal Abu Tarboush laboratory where he was briefed on the latest laboratory devices and tests conducted by researchers at the laboratory and the role of cell and tissue culture unit supervised by Dr. Jamal Bader.  He also visited Dr. Saleh Quraishi laboratory where the Nobel Laureate was briefed on parasites that infect fish and he saw live parasites after they were extracted directly from fish. Then Professor Blobel delivered a lecture at the Department of Zoology under the title "Nucleocytoplasmic traffic" attended by a large number of faculty members and undergraduate and postgraduate students and responded to questions from the audience.

Professor Blobel also meet with postgraduate students and Researchers from the Masters and Doctoral Degrees where the students made some presentations and discussed of their research projects with the Prof. who also listened to the questions of the students and expressed his thanks to the university and wished them further progress and advancement in scientific and practical fields.