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This events held on  Wednesday  May 6, 2009 about the second meeting of research, studies and consultancy institutes of Saudi Universities was concluded. The activities were hosted by King Saud University, represented by King Abdullah Institute for Consulting and Research (KAICR) which lasted for two days with a distinct presence of provosts, deans of Research Institutes in Saudi universities, research and study executives in a number of government and civil institutions.

King Saud University Rector Abdullah Al-Othman, has previously inaugurated the activities of the gathering,  in his speech in which he stressed the importance of scientific research, and that Saudi universities should assume responsibility for the transfer, publication and dissemination of knowledge. The Rector explained that the Kingdom is now witnessing a boom that requires everyone to take advantage of and exploit it for the benefit of the country and the citizens. Dr. Al-Othman called for an honest competition among Saudi universities to achieve the aspirations of the Saudi leadership and provide whatever would help to advance Saudi society.

Further more the Dean of KAICR, King Saud University, Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, in a speech he delivered, stressed that the second meeting of Research, Studies and Consultancy Institutes in Saudi Universities, is held at the time that makes knowledge and scientific research a very essential foundation for all corporate business in the society. He added: "Through knowledge, research, scientific studies and consultancy, we can face the developed countries and we can develop, publicize and disseminate knowledge.  Dr. Al-Sheikh explained that "the global leadership of our Universities and scientific institutions can not be achieved without institutional research". He added that scientific research can see light and come out as it is wanted without a generous material support calling for the finding of new mechanisms and ways to materially support scientific research in Saudi universities.

The second meeting of research institutes, consultancy studies in Saudi universities, included two discussion rounds on the evaluation of research institutes, studies and consultancies performance and the role of research institutions, studies and consultancies in the transfer of knowledge and enhancing the relationship between universities and society. Also a presentation on computer information system was provided by King Abdullah Institute for Research, Studies, and Consultancy, while Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University provided and a working paper on amendments required in regulations and laws currently in force. King Abdul Aziz University presented a working paper on the types of contracts and consultancy services that can be carried out by the institutes and mechanisms of expanding these services. The audience also discussed the improvement on the contributions of the institutes in knowledge economy in the Kingdom and its future.