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The Excellence Center of Science and Mathematics Education (ECSME) of King Saud University participated in the development of a science simulation to explain physical concepts on the subject of collisions in mechanics, with the Nobel laureate, Professor Dr. Carl Wieman and his team at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. This cooperation comes in the context of the ECSME efforts to cooperate with global expertise in science education. The "collision lab" has been created with the expertise of the University of Colorado team. The final amendments on the trial version are still ongoing in order to make it available for students in Arabic.

Dr. Hisham Alhadlaq, ECSME Co-Director for administrative and financial affairs, assistant professor of Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and head of the ECSME research team, pointed out that the idea has been suggested by the research team of the Center. The team has chosen one of the major topics of physics in the secondary and university level curricula, which is collisions and momentum and energy conversation, where most students find it difficult to understand. This effort started with identifying the educational goals and developing a clear vision based on scientific concepts related to the subject. The University of Colorado team has been working on making the simulation a reality sothat students and teachers can use it in class and other educational activities. Simulations seek to achieve specific learning objectives and to bring science concepts closer to the minds of students. It also provides an e-learning tool for teachers and faculty members.

This cooperation is a result of a joint work between the ECSME research team and Nobel laureate, Professor Carl Wieman and his research team from Colorado during this year. This cooperation reflects the ECSME desire to develop global partnership and take advantage of the latest research in science education and ensure excellence in development.

Dr. Fahad S. Al-Shaya, the Director of the Center, pointed out that the development of the simulation program comes within the cooperation contract signed between the ECSME at KSU and the Carl Wieman initiative (winner of the King Faisal Prize in Science and the Nobel Prize in Physics) at the Universities  of Columbia / Canada and Colorado - Boulder / United States, and that this development will be followed by opportunities for students in Saudi Arabia at the university level and secondary school to use simulation to explain scientific concepts to them, and study the effect of that in increasing understanding . The director of ECSME expressed thanks to the Ministry of Higher Education for their financial and moral support to the Center, and to His Excellency KSU Rector and the vice rector for Graduate Studies and Research for their support and ongoing encouragement of the Center.