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Dr. IgnarroKing Saud University’s Dr. Saleh Al-Wasil has announced that Nobel Prize winners, Professor Louis Ignarro and Professor Tim Hunt, will visit the King Saud University on Saturday for four days. The visit is part of the University’s strategic program for attracting distinguished scientists, and will feature a panel discussion and scientific lecture to the main conference hall at the Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Lewis, a distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at the UCLA School of Medicine’s Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology in Los Angeles, is also the Research Chair for Peripheral Blood Vessel Diseases at King Saud University. His research earned him a Nobel Prize in 1998, and has paved the way for the development of Viagra and the possibility of overcoming the phenomenon of high blood pressure, stroke and atherosclerosis. He was recognized as a Distinguished Scientist by the American Heart Association in 2008, and continues to research the benefits of Sir HuntNitric Oxide and its role as a signaling molecule.

Sir Timothy Hunt is the principal scientist at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, and was awarded the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology for discoveries concerning key regulators of the cell cycle. His research has contributed greatly to the development of drugs for the treatment of arthritis and cystic fibrosis. For his invaluable contributions to medical research, Sir Hunt was knighted by England’s Queen Elizabeth II in 2006.