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Al-Homod, SamiKing Saud University has launched several new projects as part of its e-learning and distance learning program.

Among those were the e-Learn private university -- the fourth stage of the Smart City project, the university's electronic learning homepage and virtual television studio of its production and documentation center.

The gathering also was used an opportunity to celebrate the University's recent United Nations Public Service Award (UNPSA), bestowed on Saudi Arabia for King Saud University's expanded e-learning environment for KSU students, staff, and faculty.

University Rector Abdullah Al-Othman said the e-learning and distance learning program coincides with the University’s efforts to offer services in various forms.

Dr. Sami Al-Homod, KSU’s dean of e-learning and distance learning, pointed out that these projects are a confirmation of the university’s efforts to develop its e-learning environment and academic and research activities with the latest technology available.

Dr. Al-Homod also said the awarding of the United Nations award recognizes the development and reputation of higher education in Saudi Arabia and, along with other awards and international rankings bestowed upon the university, are especially significant because KSU was singled out from among many universities worldwide based on global standards.

The university’s Smart City project is based on all facets of the educational process, including e-learning, and is based on three main themes:

  • Educational technology and control systems;
  • Support and training;
  • Drafting of standards for e-learning development of digital courses.

The ceremony included presentations of projects submitted by Dr. Al-Homod; explanation of the stages of the Smart City project by Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Sadhan, Vice Dean for Technical and Technological Affairs, and the technical and project manager of the Smart City project; and an overview of the educational electronic portal by Dr. Othman Ibraheem Al-Salloum, Vice Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs, and Dr. Sultan Al-Mutairi.

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