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In a relatively brief period, King Saud University  has played  an influential role beyond the Kingdom through research collaborations and students exchange programs with international organizations.

The University's latest contribution, guided by  the Deanship of Students Affairs, is the formation of a program called ‘University projects without Borders’, an International volunteer alliance to serve humanity. The project aims to spread a humanitarian message, universality of Islam and a culture of volunteerism among the students with the various field work conditions. The project's goal is to  develop  leadership skills and to highlight the role and ability of Saudi youths at the international level, attributes  necessary for the overall development of youth, which will further lead to the development of an ideal society.

The following students have participated in this program:

Bader Nasser Al-Amri; Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Awaji; Mansour Abdulzziz Al-Harthy; Faisal Mohammad Al-Mutairi;  Khalid Mohammed Al-Shahri; Khalid Abdullah Al-Qarni; Ibrahim Abdullah Abdulkarim; and Hamam Nasser Al-Juraid.

Dr. Aayed R. Al-Qahtani, the Coordinator of ‘Life Club Program’ explained that this program is implemented in collaboration with ‘Travellers Worldwide’, a leader in providing worthwhile voluntary placements overseas. A group of Medical students from King Saud University participated in this program in August in Saravana hospital which is located in Madurai, India. The students have taken a keen interest in the day-to-day activities of hospitals, assisting staff and working with patients, attending to their medical needs and spending personal time with them. The students also have participated in  assisting in community health awareness  programs.