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The Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Learning, led by Dean Sami Al-Homod, has launched a learning management system (LMS), which facilitates online “direct teaching”. The system provides King Saud University instructors with a number of highly-effective training modules, and the Deanship is providing instructors with a series of training courses for the new technology.

This system will be utilizing the latest LMS technology, which involves software applications for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of e-learning programs. The University has carefully chosen an LMS system that is consistent with the University’s long-term goals and best addresses the academic needs of Saudi students. The newly established Deanship of e-Learning, which has already received international establish KSU’s distance learning program as a model for not only in the Arab world, but internationally.

According to Dr. Al-Homod, the Deanship has already provided dozens of training courses in the following areas:

  1. Evaluating professors and student performance;
  2. Curriculum design from the ground up, establishing ways to evaluate decisions;
  3. Establishing course design and content organization to increase student interaction
  4. Developing plans for improving courses;
  5. Designing pilot lessons and courses;
  6. Community-building;
  7. Using communication tools, and developing effective cooperation using LMS for the exchange of information, receiving feedback and sharing ideas and opinions of colleagues;
  8. Improving and enhancing communication through presentations showing how to effectively use LMS communication tools;
  9. Monitoring student gains, as well as ensuring instructors’ familiarity and comfort using tools needed for monitoring and evaluating students;
  10. Detecting early warning systems for student difficulties.

One of the most important benefits of LMS is its user-friendly features. Students can login to the system anywhere and access to the course materials needed for studying and completing assignments. In addition, students have online access to invaluable communicative features such as forums, discussion sessions, while they may submit coursework electronically and take examinations. Using an LMS, the Deanship allows students to get a first-rate educational experience using the Internet, mobile phones and smart technologies.

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